Developing the attributes of a well-rounded and successful player must be planned. Our Player Development Curriculum helps to raise standards, performance, and expectations and offers parents the reassurance of knowing there is a plan to guide their children’s football playing experience from the time they enter the program to the end of their youth playing experience. However far children journey our Player Development Curriculum manages every step of the way. However research shows only 5% of youth football organisations work to a plan so most children fail to meet performance expectations and goals.  Unfortunately they are the unlucky ones that belong to clubs and coaches without a plan, who have poor knowledge and experience and have little time and inclination to learn, understand and develop a plan built around the principles that respect the developmental needs of children at each stage of the development cycle.

The positive effects that planning has for players include:


  • Addressing the needs of individual players – also crucial in mixed ability sessions.


  • Keeping the sessions challenging for all abilities.


  • Establishing homework activities from one session to the next.


  • Creating goals for the players to strive for and benchmarks for the coach to determine progress and achieving the goals.

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