Coaches play the most important role in the development of a young player. Decisions we make in preparing for the child’s education will significantly shape their future opportunities and successes. Consequently we believe coaching is a privilege, a significant responsibility and is a commitment that should not be entered lightly. We appreciate that most positive outcomes derive from a commitment to simultaneously improve our own performance with that of the players.


To reinforce our commitment to learning we are members of The FA’s National Mentoring Scheme. An FA initiative designed to help raise the standard of coaching in Youth Football and representing the single biggest investment by The FA in the grass roots game. Only Charter Standard Community Clubs like ours can join the scheme because the FA see us as on the forefront of raising the standard of coaching in the grass roots game. Our dynamic and enthusiastic coaches are committed to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) attending regular courses and have an FA Coaches licence. In addition, our team of coaches have been invited to pilot a new coaching program at the Aston Villa Academy for their young players. 



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